Ultraguard exterior paints, a solution to external walls of homes

During the rainy season, the property market faces a number of challenges including extreme weather conditions that lead to dilapidation of buildings and homes.

Paint manufacturer, Crown Paints PLC Group Chief Executive Officer Rakesh Rao shares some key benefits that a customer would get when using the firm’s latest brand in the market, the Ultraguard exterior paint that is high quality water proof and newly introduced dirt pick up resistance and crack bridging properties.

Q. How ultraguard exterior paints are different from other exterior paints?

A: Ultraguard exterior paint is high quality water base exterior paint made from silicone technology from a German based company m/s Wacker. It stands out from other ordinary exterior paints in protecting exterior walls from extreme weather such as rain water and ultra violet rays.

On the other hand normal exterior paints, without silicone technology, cannot sustain exterior environment as Ultraguard exterior paints as this will require the building to be repainted every 3-4 years, this will increase cost of maintenance since Ultraguard exterior paints life expectancy is 10-15 years.

Q: where areUltraguard exterior paints used?

A: Ultraguard exterior paints are used on exterior concrete or plaster walls which are exposed to external weather. It also has adhesion to surfaces like wooden surfaces and metals if used on building however longevity depends on the surfaces condition. 

Q: What is silicone technology used in Ultraguard exterior paints?

A: Specially designed silicone additive which is added in water base exterior paints which gives extra power to paints and enhances the durability of construction buildings

Q: What are the advantages or benefits of using silicone technology in Ultraguard exterior paints?

A: It does not allow water to penetrate in concrete walls due actual water repellent properties which ordinary exterior paint does not have. 

It also has special breathing property, which allows moisture in concrete to evaporates same time does not moisture or water from outside to penetrate wall.  It also has UV (ultraviolet ray from sun) protection which protect color from fading and enables the building to look fresh for years while exterior walls painted by ordinary paints are difficult to clean and look dirty however, Ultraguard exterior walls  painted by Ultraguard paints are easy to clean.

The above properties help to protect& reinforce bars inside concrete from corrosion by resisting penetration of water through walls which maintain the strength of building, allow moisture inside the concrete to evaporate while keeping the beauty of building for years

Q: How many products are available in Ultraguard exterior paints and what is the difference between products?

A: Ultraguard exterior paints have 2 products

UltraguardSilicone paints which has excellent protection of construction walls from water, moisture and uv resistance and Ultraguard protect our latest innovation which offers superior exterior paint protection. Offering extra water repellent property dirt pick up resistance which helps retaining the aesthetic look of building& crack bridging – due to expansion and contraction concrete may develop fine hairline cracks. Ultraguard protect have elasticity which sustains elongation of concrete without break and protect any water moisture to penetrate.

Q; Do Ultraguard silicone and UltraguardProtect offers warranty?

A: Ultraguard silicone offers 10 years and Ultraguard protect offers 15 years performance warranty which covers water repellent, dust resistance and colors fading. Depending on the application conditions durability warranty is covered.

Q: Does Ultraguard exterior paint requires primer/ undercoats or skim coat before application?

A: For full performance of Ultraguard exterior paint, the surface preparation is necessary depending on the surface primers/undercoats are required. If the surface is chalky, use Crown penetrating primer or Crown masonry primer to bond the chalky powder. To level the surface use Crown Walplast exterior or interior cement putty.  For better performance use undercoat emulsion exterior or interior or acrylic sealers.

Q: What sheen does UltraguardProtect have?

A: UltraguardProtect have little sheen such as dead matt and high gloss are not available in Ultraguard.

Q: What are the pack size available?

A: Pack size available are 20 litres, 4 litres& 1 litre

Q: How many colors are available in Ultraguard exterior paints?

A: They are above 9,000 shades are available.

Q: Is Ultraguard exterior paints suitable for interior surfaces?

A: Ultraguard exterior paints are designed to protect homes and buildings from outdoor weather conditions. They are specially designed paints to protect interior of homes and business premises. 


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