Integrity, a relentless pursuit of excellence, customer focus and staff empowerment are the cornerstones of a strong foundation on which Tower Cost Consultants Limited has built a strong reputation as an outstanding quantity surveying consultancy. Each challenging, visible and commercially successful project delivered is a milestone in the firm’s impressive growth.

 “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you.’’

This is one of the verses from the Gospel according to St. Luke that quantity surveyors prefer to define their work.

The successful achievement of a good balance between project costs and quality standards can make all the difference in the durability, sustainability and ultimate commercial success of a project. Quantity surveyors are responsible for such important achievement. This undoubtedly makes the men and women who crunch the numbers a critical cog in construction work engine.

However, discussions concerning the vibrancy in Kenya’s construction industry often start and end with matters to do with developers and contractors. Yet the monumental real estate growth seen in numerous often ultramodern and huge buildings seen in a rapidly evolving skyline would probably not have been delivered in the absence of expert financial advice and costing input by quantity surveyors.

Tower Cost Consultants Limited has achieved the high distinction of delivering some of the most imposing real estate projects in Kenya today.

Victoria at Two Rivers, Park Inn Hotel Westlands, Rumaisa Apartments, Solitaire Apartments, Chigwell Holdings’ Phenom Park, One General Mathenge Apartments, The Residences and the award winning Purple Haze are just but a few items on Tower Cost’s impressive {over 600,000.00 square metres (plinth area)} project portfolio drawn from various sectors including Hotels, Hospitals, Residential Housing schemes, Offices blocks, High rise apartments, and low cost housing.

Established in 2000 and working with various reputable contractors and consultants, Tower Cost’s steady focus on inspiring confidence through integrity and customer delight has seen the Westlands – based firm draw a steady growth trajectory backed by the combined experience of a formidable team of well trained, highly motivated professionals led by QS Joseph Kung’u, the founder and managing director.

 “The better part of being a QS is competently taking care of the client’s resources. This calls for integrity and utmost professionalism,” QS Kung’u says. “Ethical practice has to be ingrained in the DNA of your team so that you inspire trust and the client knows you can be relied on with finances, no matter the amounts. There is no room for error,” he adds.

“An architect can get away with missing a door, and it would be understood. But as a QS, a misplaced 100 bob may land you in hot soup, as the client will wonder if there are ‘typos’ involving larger amounts in other not-so-obvious places!”

“I have to possess safe hands for a hundred million shillings, naturally because if I am reliable with 100m, tomorrow two hundred more can be placed in the same pair, otherwise the relationship will be short-lived – not forgetting the high possibility of litigation!” he quips.

QS Kung’u emphasizes that the contractors and consultants should be able to speak one (positive) language when talking about you, if they were asked for an opinion on your practice. This is what has kept the steady flow of projects at Tower Cost going. The firm has continued to attract repeat clients, the crucial currency of any firm with serious growth ambitions.

Contractual matters and issues form a major part of the practice’s services. A great deal of attention to detail is invested in the production of tendering documents so that disputes related to poor documentation are avoided. The practice has much experience in claims and contractual matters that have arisen on construction projects.


Qs Kungu asserts that the success of Tower Cost Consultants is not due to any one individual but the result of teamwork, professionalism and the enthusiasm of empowered go-getters, eager to delight their clients and establish lasting relationships. This has earned pride of place on the speed dial of a growing number of satisfied customers.

“Some of my proudest moments are when a client calls in to ask for a particular QS who had worked on their project, because this portrays confidence and trust in our team members, and that is what growth, both individually and as a company means,” avers Kung’u, adding that managing contracts in the right environment and with a suitable project team can achieve significant savings on normal construction contracts.

“The quest for improvement at Tower Cost is relentless,” he continues, adding that there are regular brainstorming sessions where “we share experiences, conduct team building, encourage and even admonish one another in lively sessions.” He divulges that last year a management expert came in and conducted training with the team for two weeks, in which valuable insights were gained on various aspects of business best practices.

From these emanates personal development, reinforcement of company’s value system and a shared vision.

The Tower Cost team has garnered experience providing services in different countries often deploying their edge in IT expertise to enhance efficiency and to adapt to situations where documentation and techniques may vary considerably. They also ensure that clients are supplied with additional information not always available with traditional quantity surveying methods, so that they can make informed decisions.

The firm has developed an elaborate structure, with established, registered quantity surveyors leading the team, graduates ready to undertake their exams working under them, as well as interns getting a feel of the ropes.

The projects have kept coming, in varying scopes, size, and challenges, and having inspired trust and confidence, based on professionalism and integrity, sky is the limit!


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